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Enabling selection of sound card

edited June 2011 in Sonetel Client
Today, Sonetel Client uses whatever is the default audio device or default Communications device in your Windows computer. Since users regularly have more and more sound devices connected to their laptops, this can create situations where the user doesn't hear the person they are calling to.

We therefor plan to enable selection of Sound card in the Sonetel client.

This new feature would include:
- Selection of audio device for recording
- Selection of audio device for playing the audio from the remote person
- Option to play ring signal on PC speakers as well

In addition, there will be LED meters showing if there is any audio on the selected devices.

Is there anything else we should do in this context?


  • Sound cards enable your computer to play music and sounds through your speakers. Almost all new computers come with a built-in sound card. However, if your computer doesn't have one installed, or if you want to upgrade the sound playback or recording capabilities of your computer, you may want to install a sound card.

    There are three types of sound cards: sound cards built onto your computer's motherboard, and internal and external sound cards. This article focuses on installing an internal sound card, which fits in an expansion slot inside your computer. Motherboard sound cards can't be removed, though you can usually install an internal or external sound card and disable the motherboard sound. External sound cards typically connect via a universal serial bus (USB) connector. For information on installing external sound cards and other USB devices, see Install a USB device.

    Before installing a sound card, be sure to consult the documentation that came with it. The guidelines shown here are very general, and the sound card documentation may contain important information specific to installing that card. Also, be sure to consult the documentation that came with your computer to see if opening your computer affects the computer's warranty coverage.

    Before installing the sound card, you'll need the following:

    • The sound card you want to install.

    • Possibly a Phillips screwdriver to open your computer, if needed.

    • The CD, DVD, or media that came with the sound card (if any), which will contain drivers and other programs.

      This is what others are preferring and I hope you would like to do it in a different do it what they havn't done.  

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