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Extensions without active numbers or access to Sonetel Prepaid credit

edited April 2013 in General
Hi guys and gals,

I am new to this and have signed up to Sonetel prepaid, and plan to have my numbers active at home using an Linksys ATA Voip adapter. (when it eventually arrives)
Sonetel gave me a virtual extension number being 101.
Can I get a second Linksys Voip adapter in another location and create an extension number that can I can call and they can call me, without assigning them a local telephone number, or access to my prepaid funds to make calls?
If this is possible what would the set up be, and how would I achieve this?



  • Yes, you may add multiple users to your account by going to the add user option from your web portal. 
    Each user gets a free internal extension number. All users that are registered with any IP phone can dial this extension directly to connect to another user from the same account.
  • But will their phone ring when someone calls me? Will someone at their location be able to spend my balance making calls?
  • When you dial an extension of a user, the call connects based on the configuration added to their profile.
    For example: If you dial an extension 102 from your IP phone and the user with extension 102 has configured his profile to forward calls to his mobile number. In this case the call will be forwarded to the other user's mobile number.

    The prepaid balance in your account will be available to all internal users. Charges for any services used by any user within an account will be deducted from the available prepaid credit.
  • Hi Bhoomica,

    I am one of the users of this number. I am trying to make an international call from the extension, which is not happening. can you let me know, the configuration for happening this.

    I have the required prepaid balance in my master account.
  • We have checked your case history and I can see that our team has already answered your query via email.
  • I have a Liknsys PAP2 , i need to configure my SIP of sonetel, some body can help me pls? 
  • Hi,

    I have reviewed all your comments and sent an email to your email address registered with your Sonetel account.

    This email contains all necessary details which we need from you to help with the Android app and Linksys device.

    Please check and feel free to contact us with the requested details and we will be happy to help.
  • you go to be faked with sonetel..
  • Follow these instructions below, the only problem is that just one line works - you might add PAP2 as HT502 which is the most similar ATA in the system.
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