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New web interface timeline?

edited November 2011 in Road map
I thought a new web interface is on it's way which will let users to set up and configure everything,
also changing the (IMHO not very inspired way) to configure users and extensions with the ability to see
which trunks and extensions are online. Any news about this? thx  


  • The update of the Sonetel web interface has been delayed due to other priorities. Sorry about that.

    Attached you will find a draft of what we plan to have in the expanded web interface view. The bottom headers can be expanded for more options.

    This is only a mock-up, so all comments for improvements are welcome.

  • Unfortunately, the attached graphic seems to only be available at it's thumbnail resolution.  Using both Safari and Firefox, logged into the forum and not, the graphic is not downloadable or zoomable, therefore the details are unintelligible.  However, it could just be me...
  • @Aswell - I realized if you take the word "thumbnails" out of the URL, it shows you the full size image.  Here's the link:
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