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Questions About Caller ID & Sonetel Android App

edited November 2011 in Phones
I just signed up so forgive me if the following questions are answered somewhere and I just missed the answers.

My questions are:
1. When I make calls from my Android phone, I would like my company name displayed on the destination caller's phone. How do I do this?

2. The instructions for using the Android App says the following:
Dial pad
2. To switch between calling with your regular mobile subscription or with Sonetel, click on the Sonetel symbol above the key pad.
Can you tell me where this Sonetel symbol is?

All I see on my mobile phone is a picture of a phone icon in blue background with 'Mobile' text written underneath. Hence, I am not really sure whether or not I am automatically using the Sonetel subscription when I make a phone call using the Android App (which is what I assume is the case), or whether I am actually using my regular mobile phone provider when I initiate phone calls from the Sonetel Android App. Please clarify which is it...



  • Hello Biziwifi,

    You may find a correct configuration with this link

    Anyway, the Sonetel Symbol is a Blue S that you may see on the android apps. You can switch as explained betwenn Mobile / Call Thru and Sonetel calling mode

    Just tell us if you find out,

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