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Sipbroker/sip-uri calling

edited November 2011 in General
I want to dial sipbroker or sip uri's direct from my IP phone's numeric keyboard, 
Can i make presets thru my Sonetel client ?
Can i make a "rule" so i can dial any sipbroker number ?


  • edited December 2011

    Yes, here is the easy way:

    1. Create an extra user in your company.
    2. Configure the call forwarding of that user to go to the SIP-URI of your SIP-broker number.
    3. Call the 3-digit extension of the new user to get forwarded to the SIP-broker SIP-URI.


    Here is a more complicated way, in case SIP-broker requires that you register with their service to accept calls.

    1. Create a Service for the outbound connection to SIP-broker. Please note that you will have to register with SIP-broker.
    2. Create an Outbound rule defining that when you make calls to Country X and area code Y, you want to use the Service "SIP-broker"
      For example you could say that calls to United states, area code 213 should use "SIP broker".
    3. If you now make a call to 213 123 1234 (or any number in that area code) calls will be connected out via SIP-broker. Validformats for dialling number can be found here:
      Please note that the format expected by the system depends on what country you have said that you are in.
    4. Please note that we will send the call to If you want to delete the "+" or change the format in any other way, you can do this in the Outbound rule by useing the "Manipulate number" to delete the first digit.



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