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Client status: NAT restrictions: may not work

edited July 2013 in Sonetel Client
Hi, I hope you can help me:

I've just signed up for Sonetel phone service. I downloaded and tried to use the Sonetel Client to make my first call, The call appeared to connect successfully, but I wasn't able to hear a thing, and wasn't sure that I was being heard either.
Below is a picture of my Sonetel Client Status:


Can you tell me how to troubleshoot the problems shown highlighted? How can I check that my sound & mic devices are being correctly picked up by Sonetel Client?
I need to resolve this ASAP. Thanks.


  • Please contact Sonetel support after performing the following tests:
    Dial *22 from your IP phone and check if you are able to hear and browse the IVR
    Answer an incoming call from your IP phone and check if you have two way audio.
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the fast response
    Dialing *22 just keeps ringing (I can hear the ringing). The call does not get picked up, so I did not get a chance to figure out what the IVR is in this context.
    I haven't got anyone to call my IP Phone yet.
  • This means that the call is not reaching our server. This could be a problem with the network connection. Please check if you are behind a firewall or if you are able to make a call from a different network. You can also try to register from a different third party phone like 3CX or X-Lite. Information on third party phones can be found here

    In case you still face any issues, you can send an email to . You can provide the link to this discussion as a reference so the support engineers can see the steps you have already performed. Make sure that you send the e-mail address you have used to sign up for an account with us.
  • edited July 2013
    Update, I solved the problem using x-lite 4 client. Thanks!
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