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Web interface for users - with many associated improvements

edited January 2012 in Road map

As part of the Call Groups development, we need to add the ability for regular users to view and change their settings via the web interface.

This has only been possible via the Windows client earlier, as the web interface has been dedicated for Admins that configure the Sonetel service for the entire company.

The development of a user access to web portal is planned to start very soon. A mock-up of the intended new interface is attached.Some associated improvements that are being done in conjunction with this:

  1. The user can store their mobile phone number, home phone number etc. in their Sonetel settings.
  2. “Preferred phones” is introduced as a new concept for the user (realized as a “personal call Group” for every user) which can include IP phones, mobile phone number etc. This allows us to send incoming calls to the user to both the user’s IP phones and mobile phone at the same time, for X seconds, and then divert to another location (like voicemail etc.) in case of no answer. Simultaneous calling of IP phones and other destinations has not been possible before. Now the user gets the option.
  3. Each user gets a address. This significantly simplifies the use of 3rd party IP-phones with Sonetel and also makes the user directly available for IP calls from non-Sonetel users.
  4. Ability to see IP phones connected. This has not been possible before. Now the user can see which of their IP phones that are connected to the Sonetel system.
  5. Availability in Groups. The admin decides who participates in each Call group, but each user can decide to make themselves unavailable for calls to any specific group such as “sales”, “support” etc..
  6. User can select which phone number to show when making calls (among phone numbers in the company). Automatic (default) implies that the “best” number is used automatically based on various parameters.

Your comments and feedback is highly appreciated.


  • To anyone else looking at this, here's the link to the full size image -

    Some questions/comments.
    1. Would the admin be able to change these settings for each user without having to login as the user?
    2. It would be nice if the admin could also change the extension through the web interface.
    3. For the "Calls to me" section, is it going to a primary/second option, or could we have multiple?  While a primary and secondary option usually works, sometimes more options are needed.  It would be nice to have more destinations, such as:
      • Ring my preferred phone (15 seconds)
      • Call my cell phone (10 seconds)
      • Go to voicemail
    4. For Caller ID, would this now allow us to identify what Caller ID to use per user?  For example, could I have every user's Caller ID be the company's main number (that is directed to the Welcome Menu)?

    Other than that, this looks great!  I'm excited to hear about the enhancements.  Any rough idea of time frame?


  • edited March 2012

    I agree with Carl, the Admin really should the ability to change some of these settings for each user of the system, without having to log-in as the user. 

    And, #3 of Carl's wish list is important too. Hopefully there will be an "Add" function to increase the number of options in the Calls to Me section. There is discussion in another thread on that topic:

    Looks really good...but I do have one question/suggestion. What is the feasibility of associating a CLI with the country code of the number being called? For instance, if someone calls the France Sonetel phone number and leaves a message, when I call them back from my IP phone it would make sense for my CLI to be the France number, as opposed to the US or other number. That gets little tricky because then default behavior would have to be defined when there is no Sonetel phone number in the country being called, but it seems worth mentioning as it could be an easily automated feature that people might appreciate as an option.

  • Hi,

     some times sonetel client does not work, it is helpful if you add web page phone like

     Thank You
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