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Time lag in calls

A the moment I have the calls directed to my mobile but I have a lag when I have a conversation with the person calling me. What is the best way to use this phone system to eradicate this problem?


  • Generally, there should be no delay in the calls since audio in a call is connected peer-to-peer and travels the shortest path. I would suggest to send the details of any one problematic call to They will be able to check your account and investigate the issue. 

    Please make sure that you send an email with the email address associated with the Sonetel account.
  • edited February 2014
    I have experienced the same. My mobile <-->  5Ghz 3x3 MIMO with excellent signal strength<---> 3G DC-HSPA <--> 5GHz 3x3 MIMO excellent signal strength <--> other mobile.  

    I am going to switch to 4G 2x2 MIMO LTE CAT4 and see if the lag is still there. The latency of LTE should be around 30ms and signal strength around -65dbm for pure useful signals without noise component, that is RSSI - NOISE 

    In Singapore and Sweden I use LTE, but in Japan I am using WIMAX or 3G rather than LTE. 

    Could the lag be due to transgression attempts of UDP packages because of limited bandwidth and high latency paths?  According to Sonetel low compression-rate codecs are being used for transmission requiring paths of high signal strength to reduce package losses. 
  • 1. 3G data network and WLAN are not ideal for IP-telephony calls. Please note that you need to have a good signal to be able to make dependable calls. 

    2. Yes, the app uses high bandwidth codecs for audio. If you are on a low-bandwidth network, or have a poor connection, this may lead to long latency (delay in the audio) and lost audio. Message connection problem or invalid MMI code is shown when calling.

    3. This is a well known Android issue. There are multiple workarounds. It usually happens when there is a special code while dialing numbers like '*' or '#' etc. and also depends on the apps running on the phone. This has been found on HTC and Samsung phones and many others. 
  • I have had this problem since I started with sonetel. Support are less than useless - the answer is not to use sonetel I'm afraid the problem is because the packets are travelling half way round the world and back.
  • To resolve audio delays in Australia we have now made an agreement with a large Australian carrier that will help us connect calls to Australian phone numbers. 

    If you are experiencing any quality issues with our service please send an email to so that we can investigate and resolve it.

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