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Billing details missing

edited January 2014 in Wish list
Would it be possible to get some more detailed billing data from the Sonetel system?

At the moment we can only see the account that was called.
This makes it difficult to know who made the call if SIP Trunking is being used as all incoming calls will go to the same user, even though there might be multiple numbers tied to this one account.

It gets even worse with the outbound calls as there we can only see the number that was called but no info about the account that made the call or the number where the call was made from.

This way it is impossible to distribute the call costs to specific numbers, making billing almost impossible just by using the Sonetel site.


  • edited January 2014
    You can download call logs from the Sonetel client for detailed records. Sonetel client can be downloaded from here

    More details about this can be found here
  • Hi, the two links shown above do not work - what gives?
  • I have found that the monthly statement for services simply lists the terms “worldwide phone numbers UK” and “worldwide phone numbers USA”.
    Most people in business need their actual telephone numbers listed on receipts and bills from their phone provider – to prove accurate accounting!
    Would you be able to update this form so that the exact telephone numbers that the customer is paying for are listed?
    At the moment this receipt barely confirms that my business pays for its telephone services!

    I hope that you are able to consider the actions I have suggested!
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