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Premium for a selected set of users only, not all.

edited February 2014 in Wish list
Hi, I am a new Sonetel customer based in Sweden, Japan, Singapore and HK. 

I want to upgrade to Premium to make incoming calls free as well as lowering calls per minute costs.
However, in the current setup, I need to pay for PREMIUM to all members, which will cost me 20+ times 
as much as I am going to have more than 20 users.

I only want premium services to apply to me and a selected set of users and let the rest use regular rates.

What can I do and/or what can you do for me?

Best Regards 


  • I am afraid it is not possible to active Premium service for selected users as it is activated on whole account. 
  • Trying to make sure I have this right. 

    I am in USA and all calls I make and receive are from USA.  This means all calls i receive inbound do not charge and I am charged for outbound calls only?

    The premium service is best for people making a lot of outbound calls as that is all the money it will save you, correct?
  • Incoming calls will be free with Premium since all calls you make and receive are from USA.

    And calls to US mobiles and landlines are free since it (USA) is available in the list of 42 countries that are free to call with Sonetel Premium. 

    Yes, however there is a fair usage policy applicable for Sonetel Premium: 

  • I also would like to be able to activate premium for a particular user within my account and not have to buy it for all my users. 
  • Presently, we do not have the option to activate Premium for a specific user or a particular user within the account. 

    If you subscribe for the Premium service, it is activated on the whole account for all users.
  • Dear Sonetel Support, 

    Don't get me wrong. But this forum is for "Wish list" (Features we would like to see in the future). I'm a Sonetel customer who is willing to have this option too. 

    I don't want to be rude, but current Premium customers (including me), know that we are unable to select users in our accounts.

  • Thank you for the feedback.

    I have forwarded this to our development team to see if they can implement this in the near future.
  • If I go premium,would all my incoming calls be free?
  • Hi Odudu,

    With Premium subscription, you get free incoming calls and free outbound calls to about 40 countries.

    Please note that the fair usage policy applies on Premium. Click on the link below to know the fair usage policy of Premium:
  • Premium for a selected set of users only, not all ,This is a very good idea , I have numbers used for FAX only and some numbers used rarely, so a good idea to have an option for Premium
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