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How to configure a efficient worldwide system with Sonetel

Hi Everyone,
I just signed up with Sonetel after searching the internet, and I'm really excited about this.  
For now we sign up with a number in the US and a number in the EU, which we both will forward to our IP phone (Yealink). We read the iNUM part, but are not sure how we can take the most advantage out of this.
1. Is there a sip client we should enable ?
2. Is there anyone who has experience with using the iNUM number already on his website and by making calls?
3. What does this mean for the Premium option (regarding we will make calls from the US and EU around the globe) with the sip client / iNUM number?
Sorry if this sounds like a newbie, but I am, but eager to learn:-)
Is there anyone out there who can give me some tips how to use the Sonetel system as it is meant to be?


  • For information on receiving calls on your iNum and the details on how you make calls to iNums can be found here

    Premium is a plan which offers you free calls to 42 countries around the world along with many more features such as free incoming calls, FAX, SMS, etc. More information about Premium can be found here

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