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Is mexico available?

edited April 2014 in Sonetel Client
Hi, i can´t use the service in mexico, the android app only can make calls to voice mail, i can not make calls to anywhere.
The error that app shows is
"500 / server internal error"
" 408 / reques time out"

What can i do in this case?

My account email is ""


  • Error 408 is generally received when an incorrect user ID or password is entered. You may reset the password and then try to sign in with the IP phone with the link mentioned here.
  • My user id and password is right because i can make a local calls, but i cant make LD calls, just counter goes to .01 sec and hang up by itself.
    Another issue is 408 / request time out.

  • Make sure that the number is being dialed in the correct format. If you are calling a French number from Mexico then the number has to dialed in this format "0033XXXXXXXX".

    Check if you experience the issue with Csip? The instructions to configure it are here.


    You can send an email to with the name and model number of the router you use if the issue persist.
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