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Your Sonetel account has been disabled

edited June 2014 in Sonetel Client
Just within 1 or 2 hrs I got this email stating "

Your Sonetel account has been disabled"  Its really upsetting to have such a service . I wonder if this is a fraud company and if they are here to just cheat.. Need to reactivate my services immediately


  • It appears that your account was blocked by our automatic security functions. However, we have checked your case history and see that your account has been enabled again by our security department.
  • My account also disabled, I don't know why. If it will work like that, how can I give this number to my clients?
  • hi,
    My account also disabled, I don't know why. What is story ????? What I have do wrong ,how I can avoid that in the future ?????
  • Please send an email to from your registered email address so that our engineers can identify the issue and assist you.
  • Thank you very much for help, everything now ok. Sorry for delay .
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