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Double Ringing

edited June 2014 in Sonetel Client
I have a Sonetel Client installed on my Android phone. When anybody calls me both the Voip Client as well as normal call is going to be established. Means the phone is ringing twice in the same moment - Sonetel client + normal phone call.

Addtionally I am unable to pickup the Voip Client app call (green button). 

Can I setup something so that only the voip app is preferred when online? I suppose the "normal" call should be skipped when I am online on the same phone. What am I doing wrong?



  • For incoming (or) outgoing VoIP calls via the Android app, please select the network to be used for calls on the settings page. This information can be found here:

    Also, this avoids situations where calls are forwarded both to your mobile number and to the app at the same time.

  • Thanks for the answer, but this won't help me. What I want to reach is following:

    - Assume I am online (Android app connected, both calling and internet available)
    - When somebody calls me then
     + Only Sonetel Client rings (when I am on the internet, voip enabled)  
     + Normal phone rings (when I am NOT on the internet, voip disabled)
     + But no both (that's non sense!)

    In another words I would like the Sonetel client preferred the voip connection when available.

    The link you directed me to is only about complete switching on/off functionality to receive voip calls (as I understand that). As I have wifi enabled the only thing I can do is to disable it, which means no incoming voip ... :-)))

    Honestly to me does not make sense (at all) when I have double ringing on one and the same phone (who would like that?). Eventually to me this seems that in general your service does not support incoming voip calls on mobile phone at all (for the price 0.01) as I am unable to setup my mobile phone in order to do so ... Which means the only way is to pay for redirecting to mobile (more than 5 times higher price per minute) or install desktop client :-(

    Or did I get it wrong?

    Sorry that I am asking, but I am really quite suspicious this kind of service is your intention, so would like to find the way how to reach reasonable setup ... Or the Android Sonetel client is not yet fully developed?
  • Please send an email to they will be able to suggest and provide the required information.
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