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i unable to recive verification sms

unable to receive sms, if this facilities available i will active buy membership 


  • To avoid misuse, the SMS-to-email service is not activated if the account is in evaluation mode. Currently, your account is in evaluation mode.

    An account is in evaluation mode as long as it is using the test credit and has not made a payment. The SMS-to-email service will be activated immediately after you make a payment as the license mode will then be changed (to full license mode).
  • I can not receive SMS on my email.
  • What will i do. I have tried everything posible and there are numbers on my account i want to delete

  • The sms-to-email service will resume if your account has a minimum positive balance of $0.01 as you have Sonetel Premium.

    To delete phone numbers please follow this link:

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