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Sonetel client on android does not register

edited August 2014 in Sonetel Client
my sonetel client seems to register on my phone , but when i check my phones on line in my account, it says no ip phones connected. Also I am not getting any calls on my ip client sonetel client on my android phone. i also tried another client but same issue


  • In case you are behind a firewall, please make sure that it is not blocking traffic on the SIP port (5060).

    Please enable incoming VoIP calls in the Sonetel Android app in the settings page. Select Wi-Fi, 3G and/or other networks for incoming calls.
  • it works fine on my windows pc client . the problem is with my adroid client on my samsung phone. I tried both the clients sonetel and csip. There is no issiues in settings. It was work fine till 2 days back
  • I'm having similar experience to Raj. The android app keeps saying "Registration Failed" and that I may need to re-enter my credentials. However, I have successfully placed calls with the call-thru function. Unfortunately, calls are not ringing to my mobile phone. They were yesterday and now they are not. I can call out, but I can't get calls in.
  • The engineers have fixed the issue, you can check this link for details.
  • Hi, have the registration issues been resolved? It doesn't seem like it... I was able to make calls and get callbacks up until last week. now the Android client fails to register saying i have a 408 request time out continuously.  have reinstalled the app, changed passwords, checked settings etc.  

    can you provide a resolution if this is fixed or still an issue? very disappointed as I've posted the Sonetel number everywhere in the US and no one can reach me!
  • The android app is not working for the past two days for me too. Before that it worked fine. There is no call back at all. And sometimes I get the 408 timeout error.

    Using the Windows client on my laptop I am able to call my contacts and forward the call to my mobile, however that is really painful.
  • Rahul Faruqi & SARATHY KOUSHIK: The registration issue has been resolved. Your account could be locked for entering the wrong password 3 times in a row.

    Reset your password with the link mentioned below:

    Select the network that should be used for calls in the 'Settings' page of the app. Details are available here:

    You can also try to use another third party phone like CSip:
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