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voice mute

edited September 2014 in Sonetel Client
hi i was not able to hear the voice of my customers pls can sombody help me


  • We can see that your query has been addressed via email by our support engineers.
  • am also faced the same problem... my voice is clearly reached others... but other voice i cant to hear... i used mu headset. i already checked my device.. its working promptly. but sonetel client not respond this... please clear it
  • Our engineers have now enabled the Media bridge service on your account. Please place some test calls and send the test results to ''.
  • Same here -
    When I make or recieve calls - The other side can hear me but I can't hear them. 
    This issue repeats it self when calling internal extentions (101/102) via desktop client, mobile aps and IP phone (Grandstream).

    both sides can hear only when making calls to external numbers (mobile or landline) which the idea in the first place was to save money on this calls.

    Spent already 20 Euros on tests and this system simply dissapointing 
  • Our engineers have enabled the Media bridge service on your account. Please place some test calls and send the test results to ''.
  • Well, Using the Grandstream phone to make outbands it works OK.
    But when I get a an incoming call - I can't hear the person on the other side.
  • Please check if STUN is configured on your Grandstream phone. The STUN server should be enabled and set to

    You can send the screenshots of the configuration pages, the name & model number of your Internet router to if you experience any issue.
  • Customer cannot hear us .. we can hear them. Please help resolve this.
  • We reviewed the case history and can see that your query has already been addressed by our engineers.
  • edited January 2015
    This happened with me as well when I used the Sonetel client - I simply stopped using it - and the problem "went away". Instead I started to use alternate sip clients (MicroSip, CsipSimple etc.) configured for Sonetel or a different sip carrier, sometimes with the Sonetel number and it improved.
  • I can't hear the person on the other side while making outgoing calls. please resolve the query
  • I have tried using Bria 4 instead of using Sonetel Windows client. Followed the configuration seen from but it is not getting registered. SIP error no. 408 is popping. Please resolve the matter.
  • Your account has been locked for entering the wrong password 3 times in a row. As a first step, please reset your password by following this link:

    Please ensure you log out from all IP phones that are connected before resetting the password.

    If you experience any issue with outgoing calls, please send the call details to for investigation.
  • I can't hear the person on the other side while making outgoing or ingoing calls. please resolve the query
  • Try using a different IP phone and check if this resolves the issue:

    If the same issue is experienced, forward the make and model number of the Internet router to
  • I have the same issue with no audio on SipPhone client.
    The mic is working just fine but i cannot hear the caller on my headset.
    Could please enable Media bridge service for me? Thx!
  • I follow the response in this forum and it seems like the guys in Sonetel simply copy and paste same answers to the same issue that has never been really solved on my end.
    Like you guys, it's for few months that customers can hear me but when I call them - I can't hear them.
    Using the Grandstream phone (they also activated media bridge which helped for few days and all problem are back again).
    There is no problem with the phone or my internet connection as I'm able to use the IP phone to record and listen to recorderd msgs (*22) - when I call Sonetel's system its perfect but unable to speak with customers so have to divert the calls to landline (which double the calls expenses).

    Also - as from today - when people call me - the call is not going through to my landline and the callers hear a voice msg in Greek or Spanish (sounds like Alpha Gamma or something like that). which means - All calls today that we had from customers - simply gone to unkown destination (and we pay for that).

    Not to mention that all the checks we had to do today (after we discovered the new problem) and through out the months we are with Sonetel (total of 6 numbers world wide) - we pay for this calls.

    I'm really tired of this service and the answers I get from them even worst then the system.
  • Dear sir,
    i can listen any thing.
    pls refund my 10 $ to my card which top up just 5 mints ago.

  • Manuel Kurz,  Shachar Elkayam Lewis and imad rana - please send an email to
  • Dear Laura, Sent an email to and got replies but most of the issues are still there. 
    In term of service you are absolutly the worst in market.

    1. waiting for refund for all the test calls we had and those where customer could hear us but we could not hear them + refund for the UK line (+44 161) setup and monthly fee as the line experience failure, you were aware of that but didn't think to warn us so that we can try to avoide loss of calls.

    2. now I also see that the so called  free INUM doesn't work.

    3. May I mention again that we moved some of our lines to other provider (VOIPtido) where it ALL works fine. we pay more for the outgoing calls but the support is instant and usefull and so far (5 days now) all works 100%. we can hear the customers and they can hear us (using the same equipment we tried to have things work with Sonetel).
  • The only way we found possible to make and recieve calls with Sonetel were both sides can hear - was after downloading the mobile app Zoiper. Unfortunantly, we need the service runing not only on our mobiles (We have Grandstraem VOIP phones).

    Still have 3 lines with Sonetel. hope they will be able to solve the issues ASAP so that we could relay on it. at the moment - it is not the case. 

    At least - if there was a genuine attempt to have things handled right, one of you guys would have call me and try to solve all the issues at once instead of never ending emails (more than 3 months).

  • what is really happening with your servers "sonetel"?
    I  have not been able to hear anything from people i call when using the IP Phone.
    I sent message to support they asked me for router make, then i told them i do not use a router but a USB data card modem. and since then they stopped replying me.
    Now i really need to make some important calls. i tried everything i have been told by your support team but it still doesn't work. I tried the 
    watched all the videos and all but still not way out?
    is this how i leave?
  • edited February 2015
    Shachar Elkayam Lewis - Please send an email to with a callback number and the best time to contact you.

    Barbie Girl - Place a call to *22 and let me know if you are able to browse through the menu.
  • Hi:

    I'm using CSipSimple, configured by selecting Sonetel Provider and I am connected by WIFI.

    When I call a local fixed number from my CSipSimple, voice is heard both ways. However, when 2 CSipSimple clients (in 2 different mobiles) call each other by the internal extension numbers (101 and 102), the call seems to be connected, but nothing is heard in any of the ways.

    Could you  please help me?

    That Media Bridge service, mentioned above, could I enable it?

  • When in free trial, I tried to call the number provided with the free trial from a Romanian mobile phone number, to make a sound test. There wasn't a ringing tone on the caller phone, but the signal reached the phone I was redirecting the trial phone number to. There was no sound on any of the phone, neither one of the callers could hear anything. I need some advice. Thanks
  • I cant hear my customers in the other line. Please help
  • Hi Jeffery,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our notice.

    In order to assist you better, I have sent you an email to your email address registered with your Sonetel account.

    I request you to reply to my email with the required information and we will try our best to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

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