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Can't receive calls using android

edited September 2014 in Sonetel Client
Hi, I'm testing your service and I wasn't able to receive calls.
I'm using your android client and it shows me 486/Busy here.

Can you help me?


  • The issue generally occurs if there is a problem with the network. Please ensure your Android app is registered to our network.
  • edited February 2015
    I am having the same problem with the Sonetel android app.  It shows 486/Busy here and I am unable to recieve incoming calls.  All calls get routed to the "unavailable message".  Gabri Ruflex above clearly said it was "your android client" and you responded with "Please ensure your Android app is registered to our network."  Isn't his Android app your Android app - and shouldn't your Android app be registered to your network?!  Any real help on this issue would be appreciated. 

  • To receive incoming VoIP calls please select the network that should be used for incoming calls. Example: WiFi, 3G or other networks.

    The default is that all options are disabled. Detailed instructions can be found here:

  • Link is not working .
    It sais :

    404 - Page not found

    Move on...

  • Hi Zoltan,

    Please let us know which information you are looking for and we will guide you accordingly.
  • when you call the sontel phone number, I signed up for it does not ring through to my cell phone. Whats with the song and dance, just tell me the solution
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