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Error 408

edited September 2014 in Sonetel Client

I have signed up and got a fixed line in France ( the "9" prefix).

I am testing the Sonetel client on Android and it works fine in VOIP mode over WiFi.
But it cannot sign in when on mobile network only (Vodafone, 3G/4G, Romania) - I get the Sonetel VOIP: 408 Request Timeout. I am left only with callback and pass thru options on the phone.

What's wrong?

 Thank you in advance,

Bogdan Popescu


  • Hello,

    Back again!
    After some reading, it seems my mobile operator (Vodafone) is blocking port 5060 (SIP, Skype etc). Sonetel is using the same port (5060) for communications?

    Thank you

  • The IP Ports used are 3478 (STUN) and 5060 (SIP).
  • i have the same problem 
  • If the service provider is blocking port 5060, then you would not be able to use the VoIP method for calls. We recommend using the Callback method or Callthru method which should work just fine.
  • hello , i have a Premiun account available, why my ap, show me this msj:Sonetel VOIP:408 Request Time out????????? iam using Wifi, and yesterday was good..pls, answer me back
  • This error usually comes when app is not receiving a response from our server in a specific interval of time. It can happen due to the fact that either your mobile is not connected to WiFi network properly or WiFi network is not seamlessly distributing network packets to all the connected devices at your location.

    I have sent a response to your email on this issue. Please reply with your observations.
  • the error continue, i tried in different networks but keep the same, my android say now 486/Busy here all time?? pls 
  • edited November 2015
    I have the same problem with Sonetel!

    i had buy the premium account but now i had this problem: Sonetel VOIP:408 Request Time out...

    Can i have my money back please?
  • Hi John,

    408 error message is initiated by the phone if it does not receive the response within a specified time on the chosen network i.e. 3G or WiFi.

    There could be multiple reasons for this failure:

    A. Phone is not communicating with the network properly.
    B. The chosen network is not responding to VoIP packets properly.
    C. Service provider is either blocking VoIP or unable to transmit them due to some reason.

    408 message is never sent by our server. You can either try using any other mobile data or WiFi network to check or probably stop using VoIP since it depends on multiple factors.

    In order to assist you better with this issue, I request you to write to us on
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