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Phone Calls

Good morning, I am having problems making phone calls. It seems that after I dial the nuber and pres "call" the call won't start. This happens on my Sonatel Window and on my Android App.


  • I am a Premium client and I keep having problems MAKING and RECEIVING calls. I have asked for support but I received no answers. 
  • ciao, sai che devi sempre fare il prefisso internazionale vero
  • mmm... in che senso? Quando chiamo numeri italiani metto il +39; per gli usa +1.

    Il fatto รจ che da pc collegato a LAN funziona, ma da app non va...
  • (1.) Dial *22 from your IP phone and check if you can navigate through the menu?

    (2.) Is the Sonetel client application & Android app registered on the same network?

    (3.) If yes, send the make and model number of your Internet router to

    (4.) Also, please ensure that there is no recording software running along with the IP phone.
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