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Cisco IP Phone 7970 settings?

edited December 2014 in Phones
I have a cisco 7970 IP Phone with SIP software on it.
I am a laymen so would apprecaite if some one could guide me for the setup. Also have a few more questions if anybody could answer.

1. Can this phone be configured just by inseting the internet line in it? Or one needs the router or switch.
2. Also for setup if you advise the location of task with in IP Phone, to be required to make it work.



  • Please follow the below instructions to configure your Cisco 7970 IP phone:

    1. Replace the attached SEP<MAC-ADDRESS>.cnf.xml and Dialplan.xml files at the TFTP boot server location.
    2. Ensure that the file SEP<MAC-ADDRESS>.cnf.xml is renamed with the MAC address of the phone.
    3. Open the SEP<MAC-ADDRESS>.cnf.xml file in Notepad and change following configuration attributes.

    a. <name>USER.NAME</name> - Username of the customer (first part of the email address before the '@')
    b. <displayName>USER.NAME</displayName> - Same as above
    c. <authName>USER.NAME</authName> - Same as above
    d. <contact>USER.NAME</contact> - Same as above
    e. <natAddress>IPADDRESS</natAddress> - the public IP address of the customer's network.
    f. <authPassword>PASSWORD</authPassword> - this is the Sonetel account password.
    g. <voipControlPort>PORT</voipControlPort> - use any port here. This is the port that the phone will use to listen on. Port forwarding has to be configured for this port in the router.

    4. The phone has to be rebooted for the configuration to be updated.
    5. Please take a backup of earlier configuration files before updating the phone with this configuration.

    The files to be used along with this email are available here: MAC.xml?dl=0

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