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How to setup 3CX server to work with sonetel

edited January 2015 in General
Hi there , I am trying to setup my 3cx server to work with sonetel.

I am able to call my sonetel number and the call is going to my 3cx server and ringing my extension, but I can not make outbound calls.
I have made an outbound rule (Simply calls from my ext 100 go to Sonetel (Voip provider))

With zoiper the call is going online but no rings.....

Is there a step by step tutorial how to setup 3cx server to work with sonetel ??

Thanks :)


  • The instructions for connecting the 3CX phone system to Sonetel can be found here:
  • A big thank you everything is working #1 ;)
  • I doing all the setting as said above but I am not bale to connect to 3CX phone. Always showing not connected. Please me in this concern. Plz help me..

    Don't paste this again here for more information
    I have already done as said in this link. Please help me in this concern
  • Dear Support Team,
      From Yesterday I am trying to resolve the issue of connectivity by using all the means with me but unfortunately i can't .
    I am asking you people to help me in configuring the 3rd party client application for accepting  and making calls. I have configured the Sonetel Client application but their is no voice output. 

     I want to configure the SJ bean ,3cx or any other client. It always showing Not Connected,service unreachable. Please let me know what i have to do now for that one so that I can receive and makes the call by using these application.

    I have already gone through all your video ,all on-line forum and screens shots which are available on your site. Please help in this concerns. Thanks in advance. Help mi in this one.
  • If the issue is experienced on all the SIP applications, kindly log in to the web interface of your Internet router and ensure that 'SIP ALG' option is disabled in the 'Advanced settings' page.

    Also, I would suggest you to send an email to with the screenshots of the configuration pages of your SIP phone.
  • Hi Team, I can not configure my account in GS wave android application. Please help me with settings.
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