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problem in making calls

Hello Please i am facing difficulties in making calls through sonetel client . when i called it ringing but i can't get any respond. and when i call though zoiper the status is showing established while ringing but i don''t really know if is ringing on the person phone that i am calling .


  • Similar issue:

    Outbound calls from my Windows Client go through but I can not hear anything, while the recipient of the calls hears my voice.

    Please advise.

    Please place a call to *22 from Sonetel Client. You should hear 'To update welcome menu, press 1 and To update Company Voicemail, press 2'.
    Please press 1 or 2 to see if you are able to browse through the menu.

    If the audio issue is experienced on both the applications, kindly log in to the web interface of your Internet router and ensure that 'SIP ALG' option is disabled in the 'Advanced settings' page.

    Philipp Str
    Please try using a different softphone and let us know if the problem is resolved. You can try using Zoiper.

    The instructions to configure Zoiper are given here:

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