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No Audio on out-going calls tried different IP Soft Phones

edited February 2015 in Sonetel Client
I have been unable to hear recipients of calls i make from desktop ip soft phone on windows PC. I have tried different Phones, Zoiper, SJ Phone, X-Lite, Sonetel Windows App even Micros SIP.
But they all seem to have the same problem. I have also set stun address to all to no avail.
I sent messages to support but still no response till now. 
Also they keep asking me what is the make of my router undermining the fact that i might be using a LAN Wired Cable Connection or a USB standalone wireless data card. I do not use a wireless router. 
so thats definitely not the cause. If this problem is not solved today i am definitely packing my bag. I never used to have this problem in my previous SIP service provider, i only came to sonetel because the services are cheap now i see why.
I have several accounts with different numbers on sonetel none of them are working now.
This is Fucking Annoying


  • edited February 2015
    Please call *22 and let us know if you are able to browse through the menu.
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