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Network problem

edited February 2015 in Sonetel Client
Hi, my name is Mrs.Good luck I made payment of $ 1.99  to sontel and this number was given to me New York +1 646 7129281 but when I called is not going.

this is my number: +234 8187880763

Help me pls


  • Pls, I am still having same problem what should I do?
  • this is my number that i registered with +234 8187880763 and $1.99 was withdraw from my account
     and this number was given to me but is not riging, what should i do?
  • this is my batch number for confirmation is 81810509
  • Hi,

    I just checked your account and I see that the payment has been credited to your Sonetel prepaid account.

    I checked internally and it appears that you tried to purchase the number almost at the same time as another customer. Unfortunately the other customer completed the purchase a few minutes before you did and therefore the number was assigned to them.

    I have assigned a replacement number to your account from New York (646). I've also added some test credit, please feel free to test the new number and let us know if you still face any problems.

  • Hello I am Mr. Bright Charlie from India. For the past 2days now I have being having some network problem with my SONETEL mobile number each time i tried to call out to  my Customers outside the country its keeps showing the same India mobile. Pls can you help me rectify it as soon as possbile. Thank you
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