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Sms to my sonetel line

edited March 2015 in Sonetel Client
I want to know if i can receive sms with my sonetel line


  • It is a USA  line
  • Hi Paul, yes US numbers support incoming SMS. Once you've purchased the phone number any SMS that is sent to your US number will be delivered to you via email. More information about this is available here:
  • O.K so I have a US sonotel number. I need a verification code. I have set up sonotel to forward within 3 seconds any message to my Australian mobile phone with the correct country code and mobile number. Nothing, no code arrives even though it says it has been sent from the USA. Likewise no email to user which is the second option. What am I doing wrong?
  • I have 1-888 Sonetel number. Why can I not receive SMS's to this #  ?
  • It is a toll free number available to receive SMS's ?

  • i cannot verified my whatsapp with sonetel number
  • Sonetel numbers cannot be used for identity verification purposes with any 3rd party service provider like Amazon, eBay, Whatsapp etc. This is as per the Terms and Conditions available on this link:

    If you are facing issues with SMS delivery from regular numbers, please send us the details of any such failed attempt at so that we can assist you accordingly.
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