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my sonetel UK number is fake

I set up a sonetel account and i was given phone number +447441908285.i paid an amount of 3.98$ from my perfect money account for my setup and monthly charge.
i was then expecting comodos callback before they issue an ssl certificate for me only for me to start calling my UK number given to me from sonetel to find out that the number doesnt exist.

Is this fake or scam?

someone please tell me


  • Hey Ernest, we have only recently started offering UK mobile numbers and our carrier is still working on expanding their international reachabilityUnfortunately, international reachability issues are inherent to mobile telephony as it is governed by a complex web of bi-lateral and transit agreements. Although our carrier is working with their partners to ensure the numbers are reachable from as many carriers as possible this is a time consuming process.

    You can try using a geographic number instead to see if that works better. Please contact, they should be able to help you in getting the number replaced.
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