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number not working

edited April 2015 in General
why not work my number +6531589580


  • Why my number +447441909334 is not working?
  • Why my number +447441909549 is not working
  • why is my number not working +39 800 596374, the number can;t receive calls.

  • Hi Wasantha, your phone number should be working now. Phone numbers from Singapore need to be linked to a verified address before they are unblocked.

    Calls to UK mobile numbers from outside the UK have been reported to fail from some carriers. We have recently started offering these numbers and they aren't reachable from all international networks at the moment.

    We are working with our carrier to expand the international reachability of these numbers, please send us the call details (caller's number, service provider and approximate time of call) and we'll follow up with our carrier.

  • Hi,
    Why my number +34 902848107 is not working?
    How much time need for activate?
    Kind regards.
  • +44 74 4190 9517 not working when calling from Danish TDC fixed line.
  • Hi,

    My number +1 305 755 3894 is not working.

    Please help me.

  • This seems like a good service. Do you have one that actually works? That would be even better!
  • my number +6531630960 is not working please i need help asap
  • who can help? whenever i call,sonetel company calls me back.what should i do? But i can receive calls
  • How can I trust this service after shaw the above comments ?
  • Hi Mahbub,

    We have a high clientele who are satisfied with using our services. There are instances where users do face issues using Sonetel. We observe that most of the issues faced arise due to incorrect configuration at user end and are fixed with our assistance.

    There is no contract with Sonetel and people use our services for a limited period as per their requirement and cancel Sonetel services when they have no further use.

  • Why my number +420 228881922 is not working?
    How much time need for activate?
    Kind regards.
  • The number +420228881922 is already active. I can see multiple incoming calls to this number and most of these calls received a busy signal from the destination. This is unusual as your other Sonetel phone number is also configured to forward calls to the same number which is working just fine. Please confirm if you are able to answer calls from the forwarded destination for the other Sonetel number.
    I also noticed that a third number +420228880835 is configured for fax to email. Let me know if you need fax to email functionality on this number or do you need to answer calls from this number?
  • edited September 2015
    I have a question:I need to buy there many numbers a week always different. I wanted to ask:
    - What if the numbers of a particular country end? it generated more?
  • Hello,

    I have this number
    and is not working.
    How long does it take to be activated? I am forgarding the cal to 00306976993799.
    Please help!

    Thank you in advance.
  • Hi Angelos,

    The numbers purchased from us will be activated immediately. (The countries which require address documentation will not be activated immediately). However, your number +447441908262 (United Kingdom) is active and you should receive incoming calls on your number +306976993799.

    Note: International reachability issues exist for incoming calls on UK - Mobile numbers. These numbers can be reached within UK only. Our service provider is working on extending international reachability.

    Try placing calls within UK and get back to me, if you experience any issues. I'll be glad to help you.
  • It's ok!

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    I have this +48413101044 and is not working. It's forward to +447598806611. When I will be able to use it. 
    Please let me know.

    Thank you.
  • Hi Jakup,

    The number +48413101044 was dedicated to fax which is the reason you were unable to receive calls on it. The configuration has been changed now. You should be able to receive voice calls on it now.
  • Hello,

    I have this number
    +447441908262 and I am forwarding the cal to 00306976993799.
    I am receiving complaints that my phone is not working from callers who are located in the UK.
    Is there a problem?
    Can you fix it or I have to buy an other number?

    Thank you in advance.
  • Hi

    This mobile number should be reachable from within UK. Please send us the following details recent failed call s to so that we can investigate and fix the issue at the earliest:

    1. Caller's number:
    2. Number dialed by the caller:
    3. Date and time of the call (including time zone):

  • Hello. My number +17476667920 is not working. Is it active?

    When calling from a landline, the call doesn't go through; its just silence. When calling from a mobile it says "user not available" on the screen and hangs up without ringing. I'm on a trial, looking to acquire your services, but I want to make sure its reliable.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Rogelio,

    In order to assist you better, I kindly request you to write an email from your registered email address to

    One of our support representative will check you account and help you in addressing your query.

  • My number +351308801291 not working

    when I turn I hear a modem sound
  • Hola mi número no funciona,y he pagado por el servicio,el número es de España,pero llamo desde otro dispositivo y aparece como número desconocido,necesito solución o que me devuelvan mi dinero
  • Hello my number does not work , and I have paid for the service , the number is in Spain , but called from another device and appears as unknown number , I need solution or my money back
  • Hi!
    Could you please help me in solve why the number +552135001425 isn't receiving fowarding calls? I foward it to my mobile number, but when I do the test it is not working.

    Thank you.
  • Hi!
    Could you please help me in solve why the number +552135001425 isn't receiving fowarding calls? I foward it to my mobile number, but when I do the test it is not working.

    Thank you.
  • Hi!
    Could you please help me in solve why the number +552135001425 isn't receiving fowarding calls? I foward it to my mobile number, but when I do the test it is not working.

    Thank you.
  • Hi Sonetel Support Team My number +912249412404 is not working . Could you kindly check the configuration associated with the number
  • Hi! my number +5873338508 is not working
  • My numbers not working

    Please help.
  • my number is not working +16468446116
  • Hi sonetel,
    my number +442036086654 is NOT working ,can u solve this problem..
  • my number +441316080860 is NOT working (always FAX instead of normal phone)
    Please fix it!!!
  • Just activated +5078339279 but it is NOT working.
  • Me too NOT working +37166163430 PLS help?
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