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Download Sonetel Client for Windows

edited September 2015 in Sonetel Client
I used Sonetel Client for Windows,
I have  reinstalled Windows and now I need to reinstall the Sonetel Client too,
Where can I download it?


  • Hi Maurizio,

    We've stopped offering Sonetel Windows client. We would advise you to forward incoming calls to a mobile or a land line numbers. And to make outgoing calls, you can install our Android/iPhone app on your mobile phone which only uses internet to register the app and calls travel through the traditional phone line.

    You can find more info on our apps, here:

  • it is not fair if you guys have stopped offering sonetel windows client anymore without giving your customers prior information. I am very sad because i love it so much, if i had know i would not have re-formatted my computer
  • so what do i use to make calls from my computer ? answer me

  • i need to make call from my cuputer 
  • You can download and install one of the softphone applications mentioned on this link and configure your account on it to make calls from your computer:

    It has been our experience that VoIP, although cost effective, generally has problems associated with it. Due to this we're moving away from recommending VoIP as a business quality solution (unless you have a network administrator that can sort out these issues). Our mobile apps offer Call thu & Call back which generally always works irrespective of the network you're using it on.

    Please write to us at in case if you need any assistance.
  • Glad I found this discussion as I was having problems with sonetel client.  Have been a happy customer for months, but I do not use a cell phone, so I need the VOIP service, and was able to get x-lite working.
  • Hi Katherine,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Please let us know if you need any assistance with your X-Lite softphone and we will be glad to assist you.

    Alternatively, you can write to us on for any assistance needed.
  • how can i make calls using my laptop ?

  • Hi Obinna,

    I have received your email about the software download to make VoIP calls from your laptop.

    I will be sending a response with the complete information. Please feel free to revert to the email if you need any further assistance.
  • how can i get download sonetel client please tell i really need that..

    thank you
  • Hi Rashid,

    Sonetel Client has been phased out as it was designed in the early stages and we no longer recommend this application for calls.

    Instead you can try the Sonetel android/iPhone app on your smartphone to make calls.
  • how can i Download Sonetel Client for Windows on my computer
  • Hi Brian,

    You can download Sonetel client for Windows from the below link:

    Please note : The Sonetel Windows client is an old software that is not officially supported by Sonetel anymore. You can use the software at your sole discretion.

    Feel free to contact us on if you have any further queries.
  • Hi,
    I have downloaded sonetel app on my android,yet I couldn't make call.
  • I have setup sonetel on my 3cx softphone but when i make calls i can't here the person i call. what i have to do please help
  • I could never get the Sonetel client to work. I don't see the point in making calls from a PC! I don't use a cell either, and have an extremely upmarket ATA that allows 4 lines and 911 pass through to a POTS line. I switched to Sonetel from Skype because the hardware that Skype requires to run a regular desk phone is Very expensive and useless without their subscription. Sonetel is an awesome business tool, contrary to Sonetel Support's comment that it has problems associated with it! The only issues that I have are that cordless ip phones (where the base station logs onto the Internet and Sonetel) do not work well. On cordless IP phones the calls drop, the connection to Sonetel has to be renewed manually on a regular basis, often no audio passes through inward or outward totally randomly, and you have to get Sonetel to implement something called "media bridge" to prevent this. When using an ATA regular old analog cordless phones work well, but the audio is very very poor quality. IP desktop phones used on Sonetel are not all that good unless made by Grandstream. Generally Grandstream equipment gives the best possible experience on the Sonetel network, so Katherine Delong might find that buying the Handytone H701 (and a $10 home telephone) a truly amazing experience.
    No other voip provider compares to Sonetel's value for money and reliability. I did try switching to Multitel - solely because they allow 911 access, and show the incoming callers name on the caller id. But they were awful, the online menu and call divert options were so complicated and setting up took 5 hours, and it failed all the time.
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