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no connection to mobile numbers?

edited October 2015 in General
i have several SONETEL accounts, hardwired into VOIP phones that also run
other services like SIPGATE and WECALLDIRECT at the same time. i mention
this because this way i can compare quickly and easily, using the same
hardware and same/similar settings.

why so often, if not always, can sonetel not connect to mobile numbers? austria,
holland, greece and bulgaria are good examples, i can at no time for example
connect to a dutch mobile number, nevermind which network there.

i either get total silence, or a (locally generated because immediate) busy signal.

switching over to any of the other systems - immediate connection.

this simply is unacceptable. based on your advertisements and various statements,
you should connect to (almost?) all systems worldwide, not just a selected few. and
it should not be the user who pushes you to make this worlk.

if there is something wrong with the routing of your calls, please see to it that it (or
whatever else ist might be) is fixed quickly.

and please note: ( a ) it has nothing to do with the SONETEL account i am using, as
it happens on all accounts (which work fine to any fixed line or to other countries),
( b ) it is not a recent or short term problem, but existed since three months at least.

and ( c) i have only yesterday talked to another sonetel customer (actually one that i
had recommened to set up his account, like it did several others), and he has the very
same problem. after having taked to the hotline several times, and only getting
'nonsense answers' (that was a quote ...), he has long giving up using sonetel into
mobile connections.

greetings      - heinz -

CC: by email to m anckarman (at) sonetel


  • Hi Heinz,

    In order to assist you better, I kindly request you to write an email from your registered email address to

    One of our support representative will check you account and help you in addressing your query.
  • dear/ sir
    i have sonetell , no is +16467414609, andcall forwording no is +919594274077 is not connected, and i m not recive any call my phon number 
     [plz help me and give me technical supoort plz) 
  • Hi Sahil,

    We have checked your account, the number +16467414609 was reclaimed by our automated system as you failed to purchase the number before trial expiry.

    We have reserved the number for you, let me know if you wish to retain the number and I'll have it assigned to your account, else you can follow below mentioned steps to purchase a new number:

    1. Sign in at (
    2. Click on "Buy number".
    3. Select the country and area of your choice.

    You will be asked to pay with a credit card. Alternatively you can pay in advance using these payment methods: (

    Prices for phone numbers can be found here: (

    You can add as many phone numbers you wish to your account, and connect them to any user or destination of your preference.

    Let me know if you have any problems.
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