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Voice apps that can be automatically set to operate at certain days and times

I know that this may have been asked before, but...
Why is it not possible to set the voice apps to do different actions at certain times?
I operate my business from home and other than to go online every day at the start of business and close of business and change the settings, there is no way to stop the entire telephones in the house ringing at all hours of the night!
This is very tedious, and requires a lot of work!
I have signed up to an additional Sonetel number that allows people I know to get straight through to me any time of the day or night, but have to route my regular business number to voicemail manually every evening.
It would also be wonderful if My UK number could be set so that calls will only be directed to my phones during USA business hours, and voicemail at all other times!
Sonetel guys... get the system up and running!


  • I agree this is a "Basic" functionality from any PBX system.

    Then we would be able to setup automatic message when business is close.

    I suggest to have a king of option that will choose a programmed "Voice App" base on date, days of week and hours of the days.
    So it could look like this:

    First thing, need to ajust the Local Time (GMT difference) from Sonetel server clock.

    Then, in the selection of the direction of the call, from the DID, add selection for Multiple direction base on Date / Day of the week / Time of the day.

    I do not think it would be difficult to add since the "redirection" selection is already in this panel.

  • It's Feb 2018 this feature available already?
  • This is sad it doesn't have this feature, as a small business that operates from Home. This is a real pain for us.

    Currently testing Sonetel, so this is a downside of it.

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