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Useage Reporting


I have 3 numbers I use which all come through to the same office.

Are there any reports to look at the number of calls to the Sonetel numbers we have, so we can track how many times each number has been used?



  • I have the same question but I have just bought a number today. Will I have the ability to see a report with all incoming calls?
  • I got the following answer from Support:

    You can check the call records (list of uncoming and outbound calls) and charges on our web portal by:

    1) Logging on using your credentials
    2) Click on 'Billing'
    3) Click on 'Monthly Account Statement'
    4) Click on the month for reviewing statement for that particular month
    5) In the popup window select 'As a detailed list on the screen' or 'As a detailed list in a file'
    6) Click on next to view.

    In my case I just bought the number today so maybe there is a delay to appear the list of calls in the report. I'll check later this week
  • Thanks for updating this Alex - looks like it works.

    Although it's a little clumsy but it will get the details I need.
  • My report is working for my single number but the details of each call only are displayed by clicking in every call. I would love to see the details at the CSV report.

    Simon - I wanna buy anither number but i wonder if the report will consolidate all number together or if they provide one report per number. Since you have 3 numbers perhaps you could answer this question
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