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US Number forwarding to Sonetel number

I just activated my Sonetel number.
I am currently in Italy but I live in the US and I have an active T-Mobile US phone number.
I have set up my T-Mobile US number to forward all calls to the Sonetel number. Then I have set the Sonetel number to forward calls to a local phone number that I have here in Italy. In this way when someone calls my T-Mobile US number it should work like this:

T-Mobile Number -> Sonetel Number -> Italian Number -> Me answering :)

I configured everything and tried to call my US T-Mobile number with a regular phone here. The first time it worked and my Italian number receive the call. Then I tried a second time but nothing happened. In order to double check I also called directly my Sonetel number (which is supposed to forward to my Italian number) but nothing happens.

Is there anyone who can help me solve this?
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