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Sonetel web site updated

edited June 2011 in General

We have updated completely during the last few weeks.

  1. The front page is completely redone:
  2. A new video page has been created:
  3. A new "How-it-works" page is created, with expandable contents:
  4. The price list has been simplified:
  5. The Help section has been re-organized:

It would be great to get your feedback. What could we do better?


  • Hi Henrik,

    Will be eventually a ( Api ) for resellers?

  • can we help to do the spanish and portuguese for your desktop app? since we want to cover the south american market....but we have to make sure you can handle the g729 since international bandwith in some countries are slow.

  • Hi Thomas,

    We had a web services API in mind earlier for resellers, but there needs to be a clear demand for us to move ahead with that. What would you like to be able to do with it?

  • I was just reading through the forum and saw this thread and wanted to jump in.  In term of an API, I would like to write my own web interface to the Sonetel system.  Therefore, here are some of the functionality I would like to see.
    • Create new phone system
    • Add phone number (given a specific country + area code and a destination - extension, voicemail, or fax)
    • Edit phone number destination
    • Add extension (extension number, given first name, last name, email, country, area code, and optional forwarding number)
    • Edit extension
    • Add Voice app (with appropriate settings)
    • Edit Voice app


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