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edited September 2012 in Sonetel Client
My actual problem is, that I don't use Windows on a regular bases to work with (linux). 
As I am reading through your help sites, from time to time there is a need to start your WIndows client to redirect other sip numbers to your system.

Any chance I can do this using your web interface?
If not, do I need to have the client running all time, or just to make changes?

I am new to sonetel, I haven't found any answers on your forum or help pages, this is why writing here. 


  • Right now, Web interface don't provide you to add other sip numbers.
    You can add new sip numbers from Sonetel Client(Windows app). And there is no need to run the windows app all the time.Use it for making changes only.

    Even though you can't add new sip numbers from web, you can still manage(i.e.redirect to users,voice apps,fixedlines,mobiles,sip uri, extensions etc.,) them from Web interface once you add them successfully using windows app.
  • It worked fine with the windows client to add a new SIP number. 
    I am also able to configure it now within the web interface. 

    In case I don't want to use this SIP number anymore I can set the destination to "nowhere".

    Works fine, thx for the quick responds.
  • I am having problems to add (dynamic IP address) address to SIP devices. 
    Once I set the dyndns domain the status changes to "wrong credentials". 

    If I set the IP address instead of the dyndns domain it works fine. 

    Any idea how I can add a SIP trunk(s) on a dynamic IP address?
  • Adding SIP trunks with  domains works fine.Even though, the status changes to "wrong credentials", it will take a while to register and update correct status.
    Only thing you have to make sure is that the SIP PORT is configured correctly if it is other than default port 5060.
  • @chaitanya  thanks 

    Everything is working fine 
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