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Call Groups and Queues

edited June 2011 in Road map
We are in the middle of the process of designing Call Groups and Queues for the Sonetel Phone System
This is what we are thinking:
  1. A Group is a list of members (people/destinations that incoming calls can be redirected to).
  2. Groups are used to handle calls to functions in the company, such as "Sales" or "Support"
  3. Any phone number can be connected to a Group (also Phone numbers you connect from some other Phone Company)
  4. It will also be possible to send calls to Groups  from Welcome menus etc.
  5. Every company can create many Groups (at least 1,000)
  6. Each member in a group can be a Sonetel user as well as any other destination (phone number, SIP address)
  7. Users can make themselves temporarily unavailable for calls to a Group. Other destinations can also be enabled or disabled temporarily.
  8. Calls to the members of the Group can be done as a broadcast (ring all phones at once) or ring one at a time (hunt group). A hunt group could call members in a random order or a predefined order.
  9. Business hours should be something that can be defined for access to the group - together with an action for what to do in case there are calls outside business hours.
  10. It should be possible to set a timeout on calls to a group. 
  11. If there is a timeout there should be an alternative action - for example voice mail, or a redirect to another destination
  12. If all members are busy in calls, there should be an option of placing the caller in a queue.
  13. The queue should be configurable so that voice messages and music on hold can be customized.
What else should we take into account?


  • This would be a very helpful addition to the service.  One thought... 

    In addition to using the Call Group as a Department function, it seems this could also be used to reach an individual at different locations.  For instance, if using a predefined hunt group to call a user's extension times out, then a cell number could be called, and if there is no answer after X time, then forward the caller to Sonetel voice mail for that user.  This would avoid having messages sit on the user's cell phone, keeping the voice mail messages centralized.  However, in order for this to work properly, it seems that a separate timer function would needed for each hunt group calling destination.  

    Seems that a timer per hunt group destination might be helpful for other applications as well...  Just a thought.

  • Spot on Aswell.

    You will indeed be able to use the Call Groups for an individual user with different points of access - and you will indeed be able to set a timer etc.

  • edited October 2011

    Very useful application. Here are some wishes.

    1. Make it web based including real-time refresh and
    valuable information, like number of callers in queue. And preferable an option
    to forward the call.

    2. Maximize the match between caller and destination
    phone. For example;  if the call is from Germany
    than try to forward this to a German speaking employ. Thus make the best match/
    sort between the in-bound call properties and destination properties.

    In-Bound properties  

    1. Time                                                
    2. Country                                           
    3. Department request (sales/ support)                    
    4. ....... 


    1. Time
    2. Department
    3. Skills
      & Languages
    4. Discipline
      (sales/ support)
    5. Responsibility
    6. Availability (full/ yes (only mobile)/ no)
    7. ...........

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