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edited October 2012 in Sonetel Client
Please i just bought you service yesterday and i upgraded to premium but am unable to hear my callers when i am receiving calls and also unable to hear the receive when calling them... I am using the latest version of sonetel client, please rectify this to me with as soon as possible

my email is

 thank you


  • please help
  • Pleas try the following:

    1. Dial *22 from the Sonetel Client and see if you can browse the menu. You can even record a welcome message (press 1 and then enter message ID 1010).
    2. Try using a different softphone (such as X-Lite) and check if audio works? Instructions for configuring X-Lite are given here:

  • I have the same problem and it's causing me headache now. I got X-lite installed since the sonetel client won't work hoping that will work but it fails too. I have done your step 1. and it doesn't work for me as it responded to my pressing but when i record, i won't hear anything when it is played back to me but noises. 
    Please help me. 
  • same issue i have  , I tried it with bria  on Galaxy SII  i can see  server side they are using Codec 711  . My side its all codecs  711 729  ...blal bla 
    Problem is on Server side  they dont have G729 codec or dont use  it . Support useless
  • One way audio issue on IP phones can be caused due to a number of reasons. One common reason could be the fact that the audio packet is not sent to the right destination due to NAT issues. Please contact Sonetel support with a short description of your problem. Also, include the results from a test call to *22 from your IP phone (i.e are you able to hear and browse the IVR?).

  • There are so many factors with this issue, one main one is that the account on your IP device isn't set up right, this is what I did to make sure it worked...

    1. Make sure you have STUN enabled ( --> port 3478)
    2. Make sure you are using the Outbound Proxy Server ( --> port 5060)
    3. Make sure that the Proxy is set to Always, or Yes (this is dependant on your SIP device) but not Automatic!

    These are the things that will make the incoming call actually work if you have the issue.

    Hope that helps.

    (P.S. I know this thread is old, but any information that can be posted that can help should be posted no matter)

  • I am having this problem today!!!
  • Doesn't work. Tried nearly everything. Worked yesterday. Today it doesn't . Might have to stay with crappy service I have now, at least I can hear the people.
  • Got it working. Finally. Now we need to get the voip phones working.

  • I have the same problem. Tried to call *22, recorded and listened to the message, then made a call to one phone next to me, worked...after a few minutes it did not work again. First it said "The call cannot be connected since there currently is no valid service in your sonetel phone system to handle the call"....
    Just a few minutes earlier was working and last week it was perfect both from my iPad and iPhone, while I was in Saudi Arabia. Now in Kazakhstan it does not work, even it worked during December when I originally subscribed.

    I have tried to activate ICE, Stun... nothing

    I can receive calls diverted to my premium number but cannot make any call.

    Please let me know the solution if any
  • Check if your account has sufficient balance to make calls. And your IP phone needs to be registered to the Sonetel network.

    Also, the number should be dialed in the correct format with respect to the country and area code. 

    What is the exact error message you get when making calls? You can contact Sonetel support with a short description of your problem.
  • Is there any possibility to call using microphone only? No soft phones.
  • I am afraid, it is not possible to call only using a microphone with our service. 
  • Wireless devices are losing a part of the audio codec that allows two way conversation, and the Sonetel software and system is extremely sensitive to this. In short if you use wired devices to communicate over the Sonetel network you get a dependable service. Introduce wireless data links and the service fails miserably. 
  • edited April 2014
    The app uses high bandwidth codecs for audio. If you are on a low-bandwidth network, or have a poor connection, this may lead to long latency (delay in audio) and lost audio. This is mentioned here.
  • Never purchase from them.  not support at all i am facing problem from last three month. not support worst service. wastage of whole money 
  • Our technical support team would like to assist you as soon as possible. Kindly install Team-viewer on your computer and please respond to our email with your Skype ID.
  • Guys, make sure to dial a country code + instead 00
  • Yes, when you make an international call you can always dial with a leading '+'. Alternatively you can dial with the prefix for making international calls in your country (your country is defined in your user settings). More information can be found here:
  • Hi,

    I'm having the same problem. When I use the VOIP function to call using the Sonetel Android app, I can hear the ringing tone, but cannot hear the receiver at all when they pick up.
    I've got sufficient funds in my account, and I'm using a wifi only connection.

    Please help.
  • Please place a call to *22 from the app. You should hear 'To update welcome menu, press 1 and To update Company Voicemail, press 2'.
    Please press 1 or 2 to see if you are able to browse through the menu.

    Can the receiver hear you?

    Meanwhile, you can use the Call Back plugin for making outgoing calls from the Android app. For more details on the Call Back feature go through this link:
  • I can't hear the person on the other side while making outgoing calls. please resolve the query
  • edited January 2015
    Please send the call details to they will investigate the issue.
  • Facing problems with phones is very problematic as whole communication gets disturbed, I am saying this because I have faced such problems in past but I took help of voice array service provider and they gave me a solution and now my internet is working well.
  • Team AD - Please let us know which IP phone was used to make these calls. Problems with outbound audio are generally caused if the router is blocking audio packets or if the STUN is not set correctly. Please ensure that stun is enabled and is set to (port 3478).

    Also, please provide the make and model of the router to which the phone is connected.
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