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Music on hold

edited July 2011 in Wish list
I am on a testing phase with Sonetel, and I really like what I see so far. I think adding Music On Hold option is warranted in a PBX system!


  • You are absolutely right! We are working on it. But Call Groups and Call Queues will be done first.
  • With PBX actually you might find web pages that talk about Hosted PBX or IP-PBX. These are different products and require a dedicated broadband connection in order to function. You’ll want to focus your search on premise-based PBX phone systems. It might take some time and you’ll need to compare different products, but you should be able to find a PBX phone system for your business.
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    We have now completed the development of Music on hold. It is part of a major development effort that has been underway since summer. We hope to have the tests finalized within the next week or so, and then have it released.

    In later versions we will make Music On Hold configurable.


  • Are there any instructions as to how to use or configure music on hold?
  • Music on hold is not configurable at the moment - so the music you hear is fixed.

    We do have plans to change this and offer users the ability to change the music or when it is played.
  • Hello everybody,

    I would like to be able to manage the welcome texts more flexible than creating them by calling a number!
    Why can't we just upload an audio file? Then I could record my texts ev. together with music on my computer with a decent microphone, and upload/insert it to the right place in my setup. 

    Is that very complicated to program?
  • We have recently introduced the feature and now you can upload the recordings yourself from the voice application. Let us know if you face any issue.
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    I have no idea how to post a new topic here instead of a reply, but here is my addition to the wish list:

    Please add the option to have contacts sync from the Android app to the Windows client. If you can't do that, maybe sync with Outlook or Gmail contacts or at least an import utility?

  • Hi,
    I can't see the option to enable Music on Hold. Where exactly do I have to look?
  • We do not have an option to enable music on hold manually. This is by design and configured automatically by the system.
  • can i change music on hold melody ? I mean your system 
  • Currently, you may not be able to change the music on hold. However, we do have this in our roadmap and it will be implemented in the future.
  • Can I add my vote for this feature.

    I would really like to be able to upload an mp3 file to be played as our "Music on Hold", or at least to have an option to select "None".
  • Can I add my vote for this feature.

    I would really like to be able to upload an mp3 file to be played as our "Music on Hold", or at least to have an option to select "None".
  • Sure, we do have this in our road-map which will be implemented in future.
  • When will this be implemented? We need this as well.
  • I would like to see the option of having a standard ring tone instead of system music when a caller dials an extension number. What is the file ID number for the system music - perhaps one could just upload a ringtone .wav file to this ID number and overwrite the music?
  • This feature is in its development stage but we do not have a turn around time for this.

    We will let you know once we have an update from our Development team.
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    Many thanks from France for your great service! I'd like to know if "Music on Hold" will be planned for some day? My company has a strong brand identity, and this feature would be the cherry on the cake.
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