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voicemail access

edited February 2013 in General
What is the number to call and listen to your voicemail messages directly from the phone?

While voicemail to  email may be ok for some, it would be beneficial to be able to pick up messages directly from the telephone handset, like on BT you dial 1571 and your voicemail messsages are played back to you.

It appears sonetel don't currently allow you to listen to messages by dialling a number from the handset. Why?

Many thanks


  • The option to retrieve a voice message by dialing your extension from a telephone handset is currently not available. This is because the messages are not stored locally in your account profile. We have plans to add this option in future.
  • edited April 2015
    Over two years later and this still doesn't seem to be implemented?  We really need this feature.  An added bonus would be to support the message lamp on SNOM phones.
  • Indeed, or just the message waiting lamp for any equipment! I am shocked that I still cannot listen to my messages by picking up the phone. I can do so much while the speakerphone relays the messages, whereas having to boot up the PC, log into my email, wait for media player to load, etc is cumbersome and confusing for everyone else in my team!
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