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Jitsi softphone with Sonetel

edited February 2013 in Sonetel Client
I would like to know if anyone is using Jitsi with Sonetel.
If so, please advise how to configure Jitsi to connect to Sonetel.


  • imageJitsi works well for me.


  • Good to hear that! Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. 
  • So is my Sonetel SIP address for Jitsi"
    <my first name> ?
  • You 'SIP ID' for Jitsi is your Sonetel email address - as entered when you signed up. And your 'SIP server' or 'SIP Proxy' will be ''.

    To configure Jitsi please follow the general instructions available here:

  • Hi,
    I cannot get sonetel to connect via Jitsi.
    Can you please exemplify the required settings for a username?
  • I tested the following on the latest Jitsi for Windows (2.4) and it works. While adding an account select "SIP" and then on "Advanced".

    1. Under "Account" tab enter:
    SIP ID:
    Password: Your_Sonetel_Password
    Display Name: Enter_Anything_Here

    2. Open "Connection" tab
    Authorization name: first.last

    On the same tab under 'Proxy options', uncheck "Configure proxy automatically" and enter the following:

    1. Proxy:
    2. Port: 5060
    3. Preferred transport: UDP

    This should get you registered
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