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Sonetel API

edited July 2012 in Road map

We are very glad to announce that we are developing an API for our customers and partners.

The first phase is described in this document.

Some comments:

  • The naming of various resources available via the API may change - especially things like Phone number stock (which represents a summary/count of numbers available with us on sale in different countries) and Subscribable numbers (the list of exact phone numbers on sale in a country). If you have suggestions on how we should name these please let us know.
  • We have not yet defined APIs to retrieve call records, transactions (payments, usage charges etc.) from the system yet. This is still TBD. The challenge is to decide on the simplest, yet, detailed representation in which this data can be exposed.

Please share your thoughts and comments!


Founder and CEO Sonetel


  • Hi Henrik,

    First , I m totally a fan of your product !! Great price and great quality, can't ask more :)

    I am a new reseller trying to negociate with your VP. One interesting feature for us as reseller would be I think the opportunity to give our customer access to sign to your website with a GroupID. That group ID would be identify to a specific reseller so when customer logs in with the GroupID they would have the exact same interface as you do have but with our company logo instead. Making this service transparent to our customer.

    And also for us the ability to change pricing based on profit percentage we would like to have. So custom branding for reseller for the logos and pricing and honestly we would be in business.

    This is my humble suggestion.



  • I also feel Sonetel is a great product / service at an affordable price. I am just a normal user and hence, most probably may not have to use API's.
    But, I am just commenting on my positive experience I have using Sonetel. I am a user in India.
    Lately, Sonetel's telephony technical quality has improved and I hope that Sonetel always strives to get the best service from the providers that Sonetel depends on.
    Sonetel being a fairly new brand or product / service, is fairing pretty well and it is a useful service for small business people like me.
    Thank you to everyone in Sonetel, keep up the good job.
  • I refill my account today through my Liberty reserve account which has been added to the account before with the amount of 20$ to buy another number to my  account but to my surprise for more than 4-5hrs now I've not been credited in my account. Please advice. I can still see it at the top right corner of my account preview saying balance is $ -7.53 . What do i do please?
  • Payments were not updated automatically due to a scheduled maintenance. To add the payment to your account, you can delete the link between the LR number and your Sonetel account by following these steps:
    1. Sign in to
    2. Go to payments and usage section and click "delete" next to your LR number.

    After the link is deleted, link your LR account again by selecting the add credit option and adding the LR number.
    Once this is done, the payment should be added to your Sonetel account and all future payments will be updated automatically.
  • The API works?
  • We are sorry, the API is under development and will be released very soon. You can send a request to to get the updates about the release date.
  • Wow! Hopefully API will soon be! And your service will be the best.
    In the future, API will support receiving/sending SMS, FAX, Voice etc.?
  • Indeed, in the future our API we will support receiving and sending SMS, FAX and various other calling features.
  • When will the API be available as it was already announced in 2012 :) ?
  • Sonetel has now released the BETA of their own API 1.0 to a select number of BETA testers. If you need information about Sonetel's API, please send an email to 
  • edited April 2015
    API's 1.3 (BETA) version is out and includes the ability to upload custom voice messages. The documentation is available here

  • On high priority as the Caller ID is not getting forwarded to Dubai number
  • Hello, I have a new french sonetel number. I would like to transfer my sonetel number to my cellular phone ... How is it working please ?
  • bonsoir je suis nouveau je aimerai savoir si ce est numéro peu Être joignable aven le payement je savoir Combien de paires de tan il me Reste

  • When clicking your link (document): 404 - Page not found.Move on...
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