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edited October 2015 in Phones
Hi , I have Ring client on Linux available from . I would really like to be able to use this client. Can You help me configure it. image
Here are the settings I have - they come back as invalid - the passwords etc are correct these are obviously examples and not my actual account settings

Use STUN checked and URL  

proxy set to  I've also tried and  with no luck. 

Can you please check if this client is compatible with your service?


  • Hi David,

    I am not familiar with ring Ring Client settings and am unable to view the image attached. I couldn't find relevant information on internet.

    You should be able to configure a SIP phone following the below instructions:

    SIP server or SIP Proxy:
    SIP User ID and Authenticate ID: First part of your email address like “joe” in “
    Domain/Realm: Second part of your email address like “” in “
    STUN server:

    If your phone has a field for Outbound proxy do like this instead:
    Outbound proxy:
    SIP Proxy: Second part of your email address

    Other recommendations
    If SIP phone has Phone number field, enter your User ID (as defined above).
    Use ICE for the firewall detection, if available.
    SIP registrar has the same address as SIP server.
    IP port for SIP proxy is 5060 (according to standard).
    Transport type is UDP.

    If you still need assistance please send email to with the configuration screenshots. We shall check and guide you with configuring it.

  • image

    Not sure if those will show up...  Thanks for your reply - I've sent them to the email you suggested...
  • Hi David,

    The images are not showing up here.

    I have checked your email and responded to it. Please check.

  • i have the same problem with a Liksys PAP2 for put the SIP of sonetel in my device, i make every thing but the voip said  me is OFFLINE i dont understand. thanks 
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