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Don't receive voicemails

edited October 2015 in Phones
Hi, first of all I want to thank you for your great service! I just started to try it out and have a problem I couldn't find solved via the FAQs:
I want calls to be forwarded to my voicemail (I recorded a message "please leave a message") and did the setup in the app (including my email address). I made two test calls where I left a message, but didn't receive any mail with a file....
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much!


  • Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for your positive feedback.

    Please note that voicemail-to-email feature is not yet active in your Sonetel account since your account is in evaluation mode. Evaluation mode helps customers to test the calling and forwarding service along with other voice features.

    You would either need to add some credit in your account or purchase this US number to automatically activate this feature. Our security feature blocks the voicemail-to-email and sms-to-email functionality in the trial period.

    I hope this helps. Should you need further assistance with anything, then do not hesitate to write to our support team at
  • Hi, thanks for your reply! Much appreciated!
    I purchased the number now and added money to my account. Still, no recorded messages received via email.
    In the meantime I was contacted by "Robin R." from Sonetel, offering help  (much appreciated). Strangely, after answering to his mail and asking for help, I received an error message....("no such email at sonetel"??)
    So please allow me to post my mail/question here:
    Hi Robin,
    thank you very much for your email, your support is much appreciated!
    Although I bought the number and added money to my account, I still don't receive recorded messages. I left (as a test) two messages. Nothing happened.
    Could you pleae check my app settings and advise me what to do/change?
    What I need is the following: A USA telephone number (which I do have now) which forwards calls to my (german) mobile phone. This works well. After 15 seconds a female english voice apologizes ("sorry, unable to take your call, please leave a message") - this also fine. The problem is that I do not receive the recorded messages (as a sound file - if possible: text file?) to my email ('s wrong?
    Thank you very much and best regards,
  • Hi Thomas,


    The message left on your voicemail is delivered on your email address. Kindly check the spam/junk folders to verify if the same has ended there.

    Also add and domains on safe senders list on your email.

    Let me know if you still need assistance with receiving your voicemails.

  • Checking my spam file was the very first thing I did - nothing in it from sonetel!
    Any idea for another clue?

  • Hi Thomas,

    I have resent the voicemails to your email address. Kindly check your email inbox for them.

  • Hi,
    thanks, but nothin received yet....
    I changed my email adress and made another call and recording.....nothing received, either.
    Could you please check my app settings - are they correct`?
    Thank you again!
  • Hi Thomas,

    The voicemail setting is absolutely fine.

    All voicemails would be forwarded to your email address ''.

    I just placed a test call to your Sonetel number by connecting it directly to the main mailbox. Please check your email and let me know the outcome.

  • Thanks, but still nothing received...I phoned my mail provider: there are no restrictions (for receiving sound files). I have no filter settings set. No sonetel mails in my spam file....
    Do you have any idea what else could be wrong??
  • Hi Thomas,

    I have escalated the issue to our second level support team. I have sent an email to your email address regarding this case.

    All further updates on this issue will be informed to you through this case.
  • Thanks! Strane enough: the email you mention didn't receive, either.....?! What's the sender's address?
  • Just tried a googlemail account to which the voicemail are forwarded - and now it works...!
    Still would appreciate if you could check why it doesn't work with my german mailprovider (gmx)...!
    Thanks again!
  • Hi Thomas,

    I have checked your account and I see that you have configured your mailbox to receive all voice mails to your Gmail account. I request you to change the email address and place a test call and let us know if you experience similar issue.

    Any voice mail left to your Sonetel number will be sent from Please write to with details of your test results.
  • as already stated above, with the Gmail account (and forwarding these mails to my gmx account) everything works fine now!
  • Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for the confirmation.

    We have checked again and can confirm that the previous voicemails were sent to your 'gmx' email address.

    It could be possible that our emails were filtered out incorrectly. Please check with your service provider to see if the emails from '' were filtered.
  • Why cant we listen to the voicemail by picking up the sonetel phones? Its insane. If I leave the premises and others use the phone on existing calls, missed calls go to my voicemail and my email box. People later call back and say - I left you a message, to which anyone else other than me has to say "I don't have access to the voicemail! Sorry!)
  • I also have set up Calls go to Main mailbox (voice app) and do not receive emails - tested it x times acct number 5389066 - please help!
  • I meant I do not receive emails with voicemails
  • Will you send a voicemail message to my email address when I am free plan user?
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