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You will now receive notifications before your phone number is removed due to negative balance

edited May 2013 in General
In case you missed to refill your account and your account has a negative balance, you will now receive a notification 5 days in advance to avoid the risk of losing your phone number.
You will also receive final warning two days before the monthly fee is due.


  • i refil $10 to my account yesterday, but the money was not credited to my account why and what happen?
  • The money has already been added to your Sonetel prepaid account manually.

    Please note that you need to enter your Perfect Money member ID while making the payment. This is different than your currency account number. The payment will only be processed if you click on 'Continue' in the last step and return to your Sonetel account. If you close the browser window the payment may not be processed. However, you can send an email to with the payment details in case the payment is not added. We will then add the payment manually to your account.
  • You should also informed premium users if their premium account needs to be renewed and not just telling us account is empty. It's too different things and sounds misleading. You should also include when is it due for renewal.
  • The Premium fee is usually deducted in advance for the following month. For eg., If you activate Premium on the 3rd April, 2014 the monthly fee for Premium will be deducted on 3rd April, 2014. And subsequently the next monthly fee (for Premium) will be deducted on 3rd May, 2014.
  • Do some one experience problems with hackers on the Sonetel servers? My sonetel account was hacked, first they has try to hack my credit card info, then they made access and has made many phone calls to paid numbers to Cuba. Sonetel has let them use +/- 40 euros below zero, before they has stopped the service. I sent emails and calls sonetel support, but so far on, no reply nor answer from Sonetel ! My phone systems is out of servers because the empty and minus 40 euro account. many calls were made on the same time and to the same paid number. Did some under you using sonetel has got the same experiences? Sonetel support is quick by technical issues, but since the hacking problem sonetel do not answer my mails and by contacting them by phone, they are just saying sorry for the problem I will tell the financial service.
  • As per the terms and conditions of the service "You are fully responsible for any losses caused by any 3rd party gaining unauthorized access to any devices or 3rd party software that you may use for the access to the Service. You are responsible for ensuring that your credentials for access to the Service are stored in such a way that no unauthorized person can gain access to them."
  • I want to remove a number from my sonetel account. How can I do it?
  • Please follow these steps to delete a phone number:

    - Sign in at
    - Click on 'Subscriptions', under 'Subscriptions for services' click on 'Manage'.
    - Then click on 'X' to delete the number.

    The information on this can be found here:
  • I forgotto refill my account, can i get the old phone number back after refilling?
  • Same here:
    Looks to me that we have not received a notification (no email in SPAM folder neither), .... just the message that the number has been removed.
    "I forgot refill my account, can i get the old phone number back after refilling? "
  • I wish to discontinue my account with Sonetel immediately.
  • I do not want this service anymore
  • Can you explain how I can receive Calls with my sonetel number?
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